On This Day in History: January 29, 

1861 – Kansas admitted as the 34th state

To My 679 Followers and other Patriots:

NOTE: Please be patient with me as I catch my website back up to date!

From my FB Page: 11 August 2022

More than a year ago, some of my children said, “Dad, people don’t follow websites anymore. They are on Social Media.” Consequently, I switched my effort to save our Constitutional Republic from


to a Facebook Page and have neglected my website in favor of Social Media.

According to Facebook my America For Me Page has over that time grown to 669 “likes” and 679 “followers.” In the past six weeks since FB’s first CENSORSHIP flag, again according to Facebook, the “People reached” by my page has decreased 51% and my “Post engagements” are down 74%. I attribute this to being unjustifiably flagged.

If you want the unvarnished opinion of the editor and publisher of the FB America For Me Page which is now being CENSORED by Facebook, you can find it at: https://www.americaforme.org/ You could Bookmark it for your convenience.

The “authentic” editor and publisher of the America For Me Page (and Website) is a Christian; a retired Navy Master Chief with 25 years of service; and a student of United States History, our Constitution and Totalitarianism. A man who has three imperatives in life: God – Family – Country. A man who has lived in both Asia and Europe and served in the Vietnam War. A man who is a life member of the DAV and VFW. A man who firmly believes that God raised up the Founding Fathers to establish our Constitutional Republic as the beacon of Liberty and Freedom to the entire world.

Thank you for your support of Free Speech.

May God Bless and Save the United States of America —
Our Constitutional Republic !