On This Day in History: January 29, 

1861 – Kansas admitted as the 34th state

The Spiritual Foundation of Liberty

By J. Allen English

A dear lady wrote to us from Wyoming. She was answering our request for suggestions and counsel. Our response to her was but one of many we sent to others who offered to help — all of which are greatly appreciated.

She expressed the opinion that we allow too much “religious” thought to creep into our messages about liberty.

We make no apology for our faith in God.

Freedom is not divisible. “Religious” and “political” liberty are but two “peas in the same pod.” The “pod” is a gift of God. It is the divine principle which equates freedom with individual responsibility.

The person who wants freedom to enjoy God-given unalienable rights must first accept personal responsibility for his own conduct. The individual who would decide the direction of his journey must be prepared to face the consequences of the weather he meets on the trip. If you want to make the decisions as to which God you will revere, or whether you will worship at all, it will be you who reaps the consequences of your free choice. God has given you your own agency.

He who bears false witness will suffer the loss of a good reputation. The liar must endure the pains of his own ultimate anguish.

It is our thesis that God is concerned for men and nations. History proves over and over again the fact of Divine interference in men’s affairs.

The great men who were raised up on this continent by Divine Providence some 250 years ago to establish for themselves and posterity a unique and marvelous liberty were in the main men of faith in God. They knew by personal experience and intuitive revelation that it is absolutely vital for people to have clearly written and widely understood rules by which they can manage their public and private affairs. To this end they moved to create a government that would make correct laws by which personal liberty and freedom to worship can be enjoyed.

In the process of writing and adopting as the supreme law of our land the Constitution of The United States, they created our nation. While engaged in that function, they realized that certain restrictions should be placed upon both churches and government. Neither should dominate the other. They should both be free. But this does not mean that there should be no religious thought or principles weighed and considered when government matters are handled. God is vitally concerned with government. Our people cannot prosper without His assistance.

It has been variously reported that the great Benjamin Franklin, after hearing weeks of seemingly futile debate in the Convention, arose and said, “I have lived long and learned much of life. It has come to my mind to ask this question: If a sparrow can’t fall to the ground un-noticed by God, can we expect a nation to rise without Divine assistance?”

In due time, with God’s help, those great men moved the adoption of our Constitution and established our nation on the principles of Divine liberty. Later, another man of God, Abraham Lincoln, found in times of his most severe trials, he simply had to fall to his knees before his maker because he had no0 other place to go for help. He testified that God responded to his pleas and gave him assistance.

Our nation continues to be in deep spiritual trouble. In light of that difficulty, which all thinking people sense with some degree of understanding today, it is our position that no group and no person is alone smart enough to write into law essential rules of conduct our nation needs unless he/they take into consideration the laws which God himself issued for our guidance and happiness.

The LORD God said to Moses on Mt. Sinai, “Command my people, saying:

“Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. Thou shalt not take my name (upon you) in vain. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbor’s. thou shalt not bear false witness….”

By his commandment, “Thou shalt not steal,” God put his stamp of approval upon private ownership of property. It is impossible to steal something that is not already owned. If it is not owned, and you discover it, you are free under God’s law to claim it. But it can’t be stolen until it is owned.

A terrifying aspect of our modern danger is the common tendency of our people, rich and poor alike, to covet that which is owned by others. It is no less a crime – a violation of God’s prohibition against covetousness – to assign a government agent to do your stealing by means of taxation for your private good.

Another sin against God’s law is “bearing false witness.” You see this terrible crime every day in the financial structure of our society. For instance:

We cannot prosper without having money available to use as a medium of exchange. Under our so-called “laws of the land,” many of which are non-laws because they are in violation of Constitutional prohibitions, we have “monetized” our promises and turned certificates of promise into our only kind of money.

In and of itself, this act is not evil. The place where evil creeps into our personal and political financial life is the point where we make false promises. We have issued promissory notes of an unlimited number of kinds. Whether we call them “Federal Reserve Notes,” or U. S. Government Bonds, or “notes” promising to pay for Credit Card purchases, they are all only written promises to pay something of uncertain value later on. In such ways we create our “money.” By vastly increasing the number of these “promises to pay” we are destroying our medium of exchange.

It is the policy of our government to certify certain “Promissory Notes” as the only “legal tender” for “payment of all debts public and private.” You can read this statement printed on any “green folding money” in your purse. The crime in all this is not just the issuance of unlimited numbers of these various promissory notes to be used as money. The notes do not constitute the crime.

The crime is our loss of a sense of personal responsibility for the integrity of our promises. It makes no difference whether the promises are for personally made obligations or for government issues. This loss of integrity on the part of the rank and file American is the bottom line in our account with God and other nations. If we continue on our present course of disrespect for and disobedience of God’s laws, we must assume and feel the pain of God’s inevitable penalties.

So good friends, we make no apology for our faith in God and our respect for His divine law of liberty. They are all spiritual in context and effect. Our next move as Americans is to repent of our crimes against God, ourselves, and posterity. It is imperative that we stop making promises we do not intend to keep.

It has fallen to our lot, to you our friends of liberty, and to all Americans who want to preserve religious and political freedom, to pick up the now fragmented pieces of our divine Constitutional Law and save it from final destruction. We thank you all who have joined with us in the fight for liberty.