On This Day in History: January 29, 

1861 – Kansas admitted as the 34th state

America For Me YouTube Channel

To Mrs. Hannibal’s Home Room Class (5:49)
My sixth grade daughter came home in 1979 and related the disrespect her classmates were showing during the Pledge of Allegiance. In Response, I wrote a letter to them as — Your Flag. With the current disrespect being shown by athletes, I determined to make this video.

What Freedom Means To Me (18:52)
This video was created in response to a granddaughter’s question.

America, The Last Man Standing (26:28)
This video is about America. Given on the occasion of the 245 anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is given by a man who has served our country all his life and knows why he has done this. He reminds us, in reasoned words, why the Founders established our Constitutional Republic. Will has seen the effects of Socialism up close and personal as he has traveled around the world. This presentation reflects the three imperatives of Will’s life — God, Family, Country. The video is well worth your time.

A Patriot’s Responsibility (Series) (1:15:12)
This video series was created in an effort to inform patriotic citizens of some of their responsibilities by virtue of their citizenship in our Constitutional Republic. I hope that you will find the videos informative and helpful as you strive to be the best citizen you can be in our Constitutional Republic.

Introduction (7:58)

Part 1: Teaching Our Posterity and Others (14:04)

Part 2: Involvement (7:27)

Part 3: Voting (7:10)

Part 4: Communication (4:02)

Part 5: Supporting National Unity (8:04)

Part 6: Supporting Our Troops (5:41)

Part 7: Respecting Our Flag and National Anthem (10:44)

Part 8: Courage and Fortitude (5:33)

Conclusion (4:29)