On This Day in History: January 23, 

1933 – 20th Amendment of the Constitution ratified changing Inauguration Day for the President from 4 March to 20 January, 1964 – 24th Amendment of the Constitution ratified barring poll taxes for federal elections, 1968 – USS Pueblo and 83-man crew seized by North Korea in the Sea of Japan.


I have three imperatives in my life they are God — Family — Country. This area of America For Me ! covers my personal views concerning the second of these imperatives — our duty to Family.

This area is divided into the following topics:

Holy Writ:  Quotes from the Scriptures of our Judeo-Christian heritage concerning the Family.

On Traditional Family:  Items in defense of the traditional family as established by God of one man and one woman with their posterity.

Speaker’s Notebook:  Poems, stories, anecdotes, quotes, links and personal writings that relate to our duty to Family.

In Memoriam:  Tributes to loved ones who have slipped the veil into eternity.

Our Immigrant Ancestors:  An acknowledgment of those of our heritage who with Hope, Courage and Determination headed for the “New World” and here helped to forge the blessing which is the United States of America.

Our Veterans Honor Roll:  An acknowledgment of those of our heritage who donned the uniform of the United States in defense of freedom.

Twigs, Branches & Roots:  A Genealogical & Family History Record of the Dells of 1771 Bedford County, Pennsylvania (a work in progress) and a link to my Ancestry Family Tree.

I make no apology for my belief:

1. In the traditional family, of one man and one woman with their posterity.

2. That this is what God, our Father, intended when he placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

3. That husbands and fathers are to be “hunters and gathers” of their families and that wives and mothers are to be the “nurturers” of their posterity.

4. That wives and children have a just claim on their husbands and fathers as protectors – spiritually and temporally.

5. That the family is the basic unit of society and that families come together to form communities, states and nations. It is never the case that nations and states are divided into families.

6. That because of this, nations and states are the servants of their citizens – citizens are not to be the slaves of nations and states.

May God Bless and Save the United States of America —
Our Constitutional Republic !