On This Day in History: December 01, 

1660 – First Navigation Act passed by the British Parliament to regulate colonial commerce to suit English needs. 1955 – Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama.


Recent history in We the People’s Constitutional Republic suggests the need for true election reform throughout the Republic’s election process. The recent primary/caucuses of several States is evidence enough to establish that something is amiss. Electronic voting certainly is NOT what it is touted to be. Mail-in voting also has issues. A return to paper ballots seems to be justified as the best means of controlling legal voting.

State and local elections have legally established rules and procedures by State and are too numerous to address here. The following is therefore limited to Congressional elections.

Constitutionally, according to Article I Section 2, Representatives are to be elected every two years by the citizen voters whom they will represent. Senators, according to Article I Section 3, as modified by the Seventeenth Amendment, are to be elected every six years by the citizen voters of the States whom they will represent.

Because of this the Patriot Pen strongly believes that if you cannot vote for the Congressional candidate, you should NOT be allowed to contribute to the Congressional candidate’s campaign in anyway — financially or in-kind! To do so would constitute tampering with and unduly trying to skew the election of the Congressional candidate. To this end, the Patriot Pen believes that if a voter form one State makes a contribution, financially or in-kind, to the Congressional campaign of someone running for Congress in another State, for whom they cannot vote, that they are interfering in the internal affairs and election process of the other State. Such interference is contrary to the Constitution as Senators and Representatives are to be elected by their States and Districts SOLELY by the voters they are to represent, their constituents.

The Patriot Pen further believes that Corporations, for profit or not for profit; Trade Unions; Special Interest Groups; Lobbies; Foreign Investors; DNC; RNC, or any other group or organization of whatever ilk are NOT citizens of the United States and therefore have no right to vote in any election whatsoever according to the Constitution. It is the Patriot Pen’s position that these entities only make campaign contributions to gain unwarranted access to and influence over the duly elected SERVANTS of We the People, and that such access and influence is oft times contrary to the wishes of We the People, their constituents, who elected them. The Patriot Pen also believes that permitting such entities of whatever ilk, to dabble in the several States internal politics and, in particular, to support and/or contribute to campaigns of Representatives, Senators and the Presidency of the United States forces some portion of these entities employees and/or members to contribute to the campaigns of candidates they do NOT wish to support. The natural outgrowth of this campaign support and interference is that the members of Congress pay more attention to those who fund their campaigns and keep them in power than they do to the citizen voters they were elected to represent.

To that end, every citizen, male or female, attaining the age of eighteen should be required to provide documentary evidence of their citizenship (social security card and their birth certificate or naturalization certificate) to register as a United States citizen and a legal registered voter. This national ID, provided through the several States, should contain both a picture of the citizen and a fingerprint (thumb or index finger). Such national identification is consistent with many nations around the world to determine legal voters. This document could then be used to identify ALL legal voters and establish legal campaign contributions. This document also could then provide legal access to national programs (SSA, Veteran, etc.) the individual is entitled to by virtue of his/her citizenship status within the United States. To those who would object to this as an invasion of privacy or an assault on our freedoms, much more personal information is available on each of us every day via the Internet.

May God Bless and Save the United States of America —
Our Constitutional Republic !