On This Day in History: December 01, 

1660 – First Navigation Act passed by the British Parliament to regulate colonial commerce to suit English needs. 1955 – Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Constitutional Broadside

Reprints of the Constitutional Broadside published by The Constitutional Council for the 21st Century. Permission to reprint granted without special request. Copyright by The Constitutional Council for the 21st Century and its successor America For Me!

1 Should Congress Pass the Welfare Bill Called the Family Assistance Plan

2 What are the causes and possible solutions to crime and riots in America?

3 There are several bills before Congress designed to limit ownership of guns and other arms.

4 Can a person, a business, or a nation prosper and long endure in peace and freedom without obedience to the Laws of God?

5 Can a law which sets a minimum wage be constitutional?

6 What do we mean it’s unconstitutional?

7 Is the Occupational Health and Safety Act Constitutional?

8 It’s the principle of the thing

9 Genocide: A new name for an old crime

10 Problems of our changing political law

11 Constitutional trial by jury

12 The proper separation of Church and State

13 Constitutional freedom

14 The shackling of a sovereign people

15 License to steal/Constitutional Planning and Control

16 What is your Constitutional I Q

17 The mystery of inflation

18 Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s

19 Constitutional protection from invasion

20 The promise of constitutional money

21 The nature of treason

22 Abortion and the constitution

23 Voting records for 1974

24 Rights, Privileges and the Constitution

25 Voting Records for 1975

26 The Child and Services Act of 1975

27 The Law of the Land That is Constitutional

28 Work and the Constitution

29 Voting Records from 1976

30 Rights, Property, Liberty & the Constitution

31 What is an Executive Order?

32 Voting Records From 1977

33 Unalienable Responsibility

34 Our Roots, Their Roots and the SALT II Treaty

35 The Constitution & Federal Land Ownership

36 1980 Voting Records

37 Constitutional Liberty

38 “Righteousness Exaltheth a Nation”

39 Constitutional Responsibilitarianism

40 When is it Murder to Kill a Person?

41 The United States Constitution and the Year 1913

42 The Future is in your hands

43 Voting Records 1981

44 Taxation Without Representation

45 Fed up with the FED

46 Will we be able to save the dollar?

47 If wishes were horses

48 The “Freedom” of Enslavement

49 The Laws of the Land v. Constitutional Law

50 The Power to Lay and Collect Taxes – For What