On This Day in History: January 29, 

1861 – Kansas admitted as the 34th state

On the $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill

We the People established a Constitutional Republic not a welfare socialist state. The Congress, our employees, are there to do what is good for us collectively as a nation and not their separate districts or States. Sixty years ago there was a semblance of national unity as members worked across the aisle to do what was best for the nation, but now, sadly, there is more loyalty to party, unions and special interests than there is to America, our Constitutional Republic.

The federal government should never do for the States, Counties, Cities and Towns, or We the People what we should be doing for ourselves. In fact, the federal government is prohibited from doing so by the Tenth Amendment.

We the People, as a nation, cannot continue to fund the earmarks of our 535 employees hired to represent us as a nation. Neither a family nor a nation can continue to spend more than they receive. Neither a family nor a nation can continue to max out their credit cards and expect to remain solvent.

It is past time for the Congress to be fiscally responsible. The fact is that there has been no fiscal responsibility by any administration since President Calvin Coolidge just prior to the 1929 Great Depression. President Coolidge reduced the National Debt by $5 Billion and left the nation with a National Debt of $16 Billion ($245B today). Every administration since that time, Democrat and Republican, has added to the National Debt until now we, as a nation, have again maxed out our credit card (our debt ceiling) at $28.5 Trillion. A figure that is more than 116 times the debt at the end of the Coolidge administration in 1929. This fiscal irresponsibility is nothing less than malfeasance by the members of Congress, our employees, which can only end in national bankruptcy if not stopped.

The fact is that We the People, as a nation, cannot afford the $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill being proposed in the Congress. Fiscal responsibility requires, demands, that this Bill be defeated.