On This Day in History: September 27, 

2019May God Bless and Save the United States of America – Our Constitutional Republic !

Federalist Papers 2020 #6A On Article V and a Con-Con

It is the year of our Lord Twenty Twenty and of the United States of America the Two Hundred Forty-four. The majority of our citizenry lives in some degree of affluency when compared to the rest of the world, yet at this time, We the People have seemingly lost our way. Where are the fervor and zeal of our Founding Fathers and those of our patriotic ancestors who established our Constitutional Republic as a bastion of Liberty? There must be some cause, some good reason, why our Founding Fathers and our patriotic ancestors were so eager for Liberty then, and now We the People are eager for the servitude (slavery) of Socialism. Therefore, I have determined to lay aside my Quill Pen and take Keyboard in hand to once again write in defense of our divinely inspired Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers were true Statesmen, whose only desire was for the good of our fledgling nation and the Liberty and Freedom of We the People. It is true they had loyalty to their several States, but they had no “Party” loyalties because political parties only emerged during the administration of President George Washington. He is the only President in our history not to belong to or have allegiance to a political party.

In Federalist Paper 2020 #1, the six purposes We the People had for establishing our Constitutional Republic were covered as stated in the Preamble. In Federalist Paper 2020 #2, Article I on the Legislature was covered. In Federalist Paper 2020 #3, Article II on the Executive, the President, and the possible effects of the XXV Amendment on the 2020 Election Cycle was covered. In Federalist Paper 2020 #4, Article III on Judicial Power, the Supreme Court, and our Judeo-Christian Heritage was covered. In Federalist Paper 2020 #5, Article IV on a More Perfect Union was covered.

We the People need to reflect and consider now on Article V. Amendments, which allows for two means of amending our Constitution:

  1. By the Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary. This has been the traditional methods whereby our Constitution as been amended.
  2. By a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con), when made by the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States.

There have been many emails circulating on the Internet calling for a Con-Con to propose amendments to our Constitution that Congress will NOT propose.

Under this process guaranteed by Article V of our Constitution, it would currently require the petition of 34 of the Legislatures of the 50 States for such a Convention to be called. It would require the affirmation of 38 state legislatures to ratify any amendments the convention proposed.

There are profound hazards to this process, and history suggests the validity of these concerns, after all, the first Constitutional Convention was only authorized to amend the Articles of Confederation – but they did much more! There is NO guarantee that any Constitutional Convention called today would be limited to particular interests for which it was called. As of January 1, 2020, fifteen states have asked for a Con-Con and in eight other states the proposal has passed one chamber of the legislature. We the People need to consider it may be the case that 34 states have in mind only a single issue, a Balanced Budget or Term Limits, as amendments, but the act of approving the convention is not tied to the number of amendments that could be brought forward. Once the floodgate is opened, the Ship of State will be in great peril. Remember well that even the unsinkable Titanic – SANK!!

In today’s climate of progressive, socialistic, politically correct activism can anyone honestly believe that delegates to any new Constitutional Convention would be as reasoned or have the best interests of our Constitutional Republic at heart as our Founding Fathers did? Can anyone honestly believe that the participants of new Constitutional Convention would be like the Statesmen of 1787? Unfortunately, today we would have only Politicians at the Con-Con. Politicians who characteristically have only egocentric self-interest!! Those who would appoint delegates to serve at any Con-Con would ensure that their selfish progressive and socialistic interests were served and NOT those of We the People and our Constitutional Republic. If you doubt this, just consider the acrimonious Judicial selection process We the People witness from time to time.

There is on the Internet a 36 minute DVD which should be viewed by every serious citizen and constitutionalist. The educational information is well presented. Learn why state legislatures should not apply to Congress for a constitutional convention (Con-Con) by viewing “Beware of Article V: Understanding Legislators’ Limited Federal Power.” This powerful documentary is based on evaluations of the Con-Con process by prominent constitutional scholars. Further learn why ANY State with a current call for a Con-Con should repeal and rescind their call! This DVD is also available for purchase on the Internet for around five dollars.

The following is a list of Jurists and legal scholars opposed to a Con-Con:

Warren E. Burger, Chief Justice of the United States
Arthur J. Goldberg, associate Justice, United States Supreme Court
Bruce van Sickle, United States District Judge, ND
Robert H. Bork, Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (ret)
Aleander Aleinkoff, University of Michigan Law School
Florian Bartosic, University of California at Davis
Charles L. Black, Yale Law School
C. Christopher Broen, University of Maryland Law School
Neil Cogan, Southern Methodist University Law School
Walter E. Dellinger, Duke University Law School
Thomas I. Emerson, Yale Law School
Jefferson B. Fordham, University of Utah Law School
Gerald Gunther, Stanford University Law School
Rex E. Lee, Brigham Young University Law School, President of BYU
Betsy Levin, Dean – University of Colorado Law School
Forrest McDonald, Scholar – National Endowment for the Humanities
Arval A. Morris, University of Washington Law School
Charles E. Rice, Notre Dame Law School
Terrance Sandalow, Dean – University of Michigan Law School
Robert L. Schwartz, University of New Mexico Law School
Lawrence H. Tribe, Harvard Law School
Charles Alan Wright, University of Texas at Austin Law School

May God Bless and Save the United States of America —
Our Constitutional Republic !