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Facebook Censorship II

3 August 2022


To be fair, I did a more thorough search of the America For Me Page this morning – going way back. I discovered that Facebook only began attaching the flag to my personal posts, not my reposts (shares), beginning 13 June 2022. I shared two personal posts that day. The first received NO flag and the second was flagged.

According to Facebook my America For Me Page has 669 “likes” and 679 “followers.” In the past six weeks since the first flag, again according to Facebook, the “People reached” by my page has decreased 51% and my “Post engagements” are down 74%. I attribute this to being flagged.

My first post on 13 June was just a quote. “You cannot compromise with EVIL, If you do EVIL will win! This post was acceptable to Facebook. The second post which quoted the foreword of my book by Dr. Lloyd A. Case was flagged:

About This Post

This Page has repeatedly shared false information.
Some posts shared by America For Me included false information that was checked by independent fact-checkers or went against our Community Standards.

Facebook works with independent fact-checkers to stop the spread of false information

Anyone who opens the book and reads the Foreword can see that this post contains NO “false information.” It is in fact a quote.

On 30 June, I posted, “For the Historical Record…Our Constitutional Republic was established as a Christian Nation.” I then listed the original 13 Colonies and their “Christian roots.” This received the foregoing flag. My second post that day with the same title was a map of the United States overlain with our flag and the following text, “As Christians, we claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men (As granted by the First Amendment) the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may. Our Republic is a Christian Nation in which you are free to be Non-Christian.” This also received the foregoing flag.

On 4 July, I posted the meme of the Foreword to my book again from my files and it was again flagged although it is a quote as previously mentioned. I also posted “Happy 246th Birthday — America!” It is beyond me why this post received the foregoing flag.

On 18 July, I made my original post concerning the new website for my book Our Constitutional Republic – A trilogy: Seeds of Birth, Destruction and Restoration as mentioned in my 1 August posted letter. This also received the foregoing flag.

On 30 July, I posted the meme of the Foreword to my book again from my files and it was again flagged although it is a quote as previously mentioned. I also determine to repost my book’s website post. This is when I discovered that my posts were being flagged by the above quoted flag when I reposted the website using “Share.” The one that prompted me to write the original letter to Facebook questioning whether I should “feel honored or outraged.”

Once again the America For Me Page is willing to correct the record and acknowledge its error. The sentiments expressed in the 1 August posted to Facebook however remain true. The only error being acknowledged is that I said ALL when I did NOT search the history of the page thoroughly enough.
I can think of no justification or idea for FB flagging ALL my posts (referencing my newly published book) other than outright censorship— an attempt to silence a conservative voice. My posts were a suggestion that followers read Our Constitutional Republic – A Trilogy: Seeds of Birth, Destruction and Restoration and decide its merits for themselves. It is impossible for a suggestion to read a book to be false information.

Will Dell