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1861 – Kansas admitted as the 34th state

Facebook Censorship I

2 August2022


So this is how FACEBOOK deals with criticism of the violation of their own standards. They just remove the post from view and replace it with:

This content isn't available right now
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.

This user DID NOT do any of the above FACEBOOK did! Now that is REAL INJUSTICE. I shared my post with ALL but when I awoke this morning what follows was gone – disappeared in the night while I slept.

Strange that one nearly 80 year old veteran can be perceived as a threat by GIANT FACEBOOK. What follows is what FACEBOOK hid:

1 August 2022


I don’t know whether to feel honored or outraged! Imagine my surprise this past weekend to find out that ALL my America For Me Page posts has been “flagged” by FB:

About This Post

This Page has repeatedly shared false information.
Some posts shared by America For Me included false information that was checked by independent fact-checkers or went against our Community Standards.

Facebook works with independent fact-checkers to stop the spread of false information

I can think of no justification or idea for FB flagging ALL my posts other than outright censorship— an attempt to silence a conservative voice. I discovered the flag when I decided to REPOST (Share) my 18 July post. A post which ONLY pointed to the website about my book published 18 May 2022. A book with 618 pages that in two weeks’ time “independent fact checkers” supposedly read and determined had false information. I spent two and one-half years researching, documenting and writing the book. I doubt that any of FB’s “independent fact checkers” purchased and read the book before flagging it.
My post was a suggestion that followers read Our Constitutional Republic – A Trilogy: Seeds of Birth, Destruction and Restoration and decide its merits for themselves. It is impossible for a suggestion to read a book to be false information.

My America For Me Page has never knowingly posted “false Information.” In fact, when previously challenged by FB’s “independent fact checkers” this page has followed up with additional research and removed shared posts that proved to be misinformation.

FB says that they “encourage users to be authentic.” FB says that “Everyone, regardless of background, deserves to be respected and should be respectful. The hope is that no one will try to demean or lessen others.”

The “authentic” editor and publisher of the America For Me Page is a Christian; a retired Navy Master Chief with 25 years of service; and a student of United States History, our Constitution and Totalitarianism. A man who has three imperatives in life: God – Family – Country. A man who has lived in both Asia and Europe and served in the Vietnam War. A man who is a life member of the DAV and VFW. A man who firmly believes that God raised up the Founding Fathers to establish our Constitutional Republic as the beacon of Liberty and Freedom to the entire world.

Mr. Zuckerberg, my America For Me Page deserves the “Dignity” that FB holds out as its standard. When a follower or reader clicks the “Share” button, they should NOT be greeted with the foregoing universal flag. It is a glaring discredit to a platform that holds itself out as a place for free speech, and with this act makes itself conspicuously NOT journalistically neutral. Additionally, applying your flag to everything that is posted on my America For Me Page is demeaning and disrespectful to me and insulting to my followers and readers. We the People can think critically for ourselves and do not need to be told what to believe. We the People do not need Facebook calling balls and strikes in the stadium of free speech and personal opinion. FB users should be free to decide to share posts or to follow or unfollow other users without FB intruding on their independent assessment. Mr. Zuckerberg, remove your misleading and demeaning flag from my America For Me Page!

Will Dell