On This Day in History: December 01, 

1660 – First Navigation Act passed by the British Parliament to regulate colonial commerce to suit English needs. 1955 – Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

Election Interference

A big topic of discussion during this and the previous presidential election cycle has been external interference of the electoral process by foreign nations such as Russia, China and Iraq. This interference should be a grave concern to every voter and our elected representatives. Whom We the People choose to elect to represent us in our Constitutional Republic may be of concern to foreign nations, but this does not give them an entitlement to interfere with our electoral process. The Congress and the Administration have primary responsibility for protecting our Constitutional Republic from this foreign interference. Our free elections should never be a partisan issue. All Parties should come together to ensure that there is no interference from any foreign nation whatsoever.

A far more dubious threat to our free election process however lies much closer to home. It is this internal interference threat to our free elections that should claim the attention of We the People and our elected representatives. The following is a list of some of these interference threats.

• Campaign donations from non-voting entities (corporation, for profit and not-for-profit, lobbies, unions and special interest groups) are only used to buy access and gain influence from the candidate.

• Inter-state donations to campaigns for Congressional Districts and Senators. This is a flagrant interference by non-constituents of a candidate by persons outside the congressional district. The voters are entitled to and should be left to elect whom they want without outside money skewing the electoral process. Again this is done to keep a particular person or party in power, to buy access and to gain influence from the candidate.

• Voter fraud from deceased voters, individuals voting more than once, and pre-marked mail-in ballots by unscrupulous individuals stuffing the ballot box for the candidate of their choice and to skew the election results in favor of their chosen candidate. State and County officials have direct responsibility for ensuring the voter rolls are up to date and correct with processes in place to avoid these and any other shenanigans.

It is the Patriot Pen’s position that:

Only individual citizens, with the right to vote for the candidate, should be permitted to contribute to political campaign of the candidate. That any such contribution(s) by an individual citizen, for any one campaign cycle, shall be limited and not exceed $2500. That said election and campaign cycle for Representatives shall be two (2) years; for Senators shall be six (6) years; and, for President shall be four (4) years. That any contribution(s) received during a campaign cycle by any candidate should only be legal and lawful when made by an individual citizen contributor to the campaign of said candidate for which they, the contributor, are eligible to vote for and/or elect.

Entities, as defined above, should be permanently and perpetually barred from making any contributions or providing any support whatsoever, real or in kind, financial or otherwise, in any form whatsoever; such as, but not limited to; buying of ads, technology services, transportation or per diem, to inure or benefit the campaign of anyone running for election to public office. Such entities have no Constitutional right to vote and their financial interference in the electoral process infringes on the right of the We the People to elect the candidate(s) of our choice. It is understood that the employees and/or members of these entities are agents unto themselves and are not amenable to the control of these entities; their actions which are not under the control of these entities when engaged in by themselves independently shall not be deemed to be activities of these entities.

National and/or State political committees and/or organizations should be permanently and perpetually barred from using funds received from within one State or Territory to influence the outcome of the election of any Representative or Senator in any other State or Territory or Congressional District. This financial interference, the redistribution of campaign funds, real or in kind, in the electoral process has the power to skew the results of the election and therefore infringes on the right of the We the People of that State or Territory or Congressional District to elect the candidate(s) of our choice.

If these limitations on the electoral process were enacted into law by the Congress, We the People could elect true representatives to send to Congress. Representatives beholden only to the voters who elected them and the constituents they were elected to represent. It may also prove to be a way of allowing We the People to return to “citizen” representatives. Statesmen interested in what is best for We the People and our Constitutional Republic. What we have now are ego-centric, self-serving career politicians generally loyal first to their Party and second to the entities that keep them in power rather than what is best for We the People, who elected them, and our Constitutional Republic.

May God Bless and Save the United States of America —
Our Constitutional Republic !