On This Day in History: December 01, 

1660 – First Navigation Act passed by the British Parliament to regulate colonial commerce to suit English needs. 1955 – Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

Democratic Disgrace

Four days ago the Republican controlled Senate proposed a 250 page bill to provide phase three Cronovirus assistance to We the People and America’s small business community. It was widely touted that this bill needed to clear the Senate by today. So why did it not get passed? Enter Pelosi and Schumer to add to the bill a laundry list of socialist Democratic political aspirations that have NOTHING to do with solving the pandemic and reducing deaths from COVID-19. How true they are to the widely held Democratic philosophy: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

In fact upon returning from California today, Pelosi unveiled her version, her vision, of what should happen concerning Coronovirus relief. A 1400 page bill nearly six time larger than the Senate Bill. This writer had flashback to her 2700 page Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Bill. You know the one where according to Pelosi, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

It is absolutely disgraceful what Pelosi and Schumer are doing holding We the People hostage to their purely political agenda — the Green New Deal, Solar and Wind Tax Credits, Control of Carbon Emissions, etc, etc, etc. They know nothing of Statesmanship and accomplishing what is really good and needed for our Constitutional Republic. All they understand is POWER and RETAINING it to enslave We the People on a government plantation controlled by them.

These two “leaders” of the Democratic Party are a disgrace to their party, our Constitutional Republic and the Founding Fathers. Unlike Nero who fiddled while Rome burned, these two selfish, egocentric politicians are gleefully fiddling while Americans die! SHAME! SHAME on them, but greater shame on the voters they represent if they allow them to be reelected and remain in office.

This writer, for one, shares Senator John Kennedy’s (R, LA) sentiment shared on the Senate floor toay: “You know what the American people are thinking right now, Mr. President? They are thinking that this country was founded by geniuses, but it is being run by a bunch of idiots.”

May God Bless and Save the United States of America —
Our Constitutional Republic !