On This Day in History: January 23, 

1933 – 20th Amendment of the Constitution ratified changing Inauguration Day for the President from 4 March to 20 January, 1964 – 24th Amendment of the Constitution ratified barring poll taxes for federal elections, 1968 – USS Pueblo and 83-man crew seized by North Korea in the Sea of Japan.

Pravda (Facebook, Google and Twitter)

For all you Millennials and Gen Zers, Pravda (Russian for Truth) was the name of the official Communist propaganda print media before the fall of the USSR. It only printed the “truth” that the Communist Party wanted their citizens to know. Their version of the

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The NFL 2020 Season Opener and 9/11

So opening night of the NFL season is passed. Compared to last year their viewership was down by six million – a ten year low. This 9/11 opener honored everything but what it should in the public square. Notably missing was any mention of the

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